Nottingham Trent International College

Your pathway to Nottingham Trent University


Students who complete their Nottingham Trent International College program at the required level are guaranteed progression to a degree course at Nottingham Trent University.

Foundation, Diploma and Graduate Diploma programs are available for entry undergraduate or postgraduate degree course. Fast-track progression to year 2 of an undergraduate degree is possible.


Programs At Nottingham trent international college

Foundation Certificate for progression to year 1 of an undergraduate degree

  • Foundation Certificate in Art and Design
  • Foundation Certificate in Business, Law and Social Science
  • Foundation Certificate in Computing
  • Foundation Certificate in Media and Communications

Diploma for progression to year 2 of an undergraduate degree

  • Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Computing

Graduate Diploma for progression to a postgraduate degree

  • Graduate Diploma in Business
  • Graduate Diploma in Computing
  • Graduate Diploma in Gallery, Museum and Heritage Management
  • Graduate Diploma in International Relations
  • Graduate Diploma in Journalism, Media and Communications
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies

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